Born in Tainan‭, ‬Taiwan in 1989‭, ‬Wu Mei Chi is an enthusiastic photographer and sophisticated graphic designer‭. ‬Her photography‭ ‬has been widely known‭ ‬since her school life‭. ‬In 2017‭, ‬she was awarded an outstanding alumni‭ ‬from her graduated school‭, ‬National University of Kaohsiung‭.‬

In 2016‭, ‬she held her first solo exhibition‭ ‬“XXY”‭(‬The Space of Things‭)‬‭ ‬at NEPO Gallery in Taipei‭. ‬Wu Mei Chi currently works as the Art Chief of NEPO Gallery‭. ‬In 2017‭ ‬she was awarded as a great‭ ‬contribution employee in her company‭. ‬

In August 25 this year, she will have a group exhibition in Aura Gallery.

Facebook: wumeichiwu
Instagram: pgggq