XXY (The Space of Things)

In Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, some time traveler creates a non-linear, four-dimensional cube and a three-dimensional sphere (wormhole), which build up a bridge beyond time and space. It is the bridge that Cooper and his daughter, Murphy, use to communicate through coordinates, binary codes, and Morse codes.

Unlike the idea of space in Mathematics, which is defined by XYZ, I choose “XXY” to rearrange the structure of space and build up a new visual language for the viewer. Using mirror as the medium, I create a distorted space against common sense, causing variation within the forms of their original materials and molecules. In my works, “XXY” each represents a different object. For example, if the plant is the “noumenon X,” then its reflection in the mirror will be another “noumenon X.” At the same time, the shadow of the plant under the light is the “shadow Y.” “XXY” is changeable, and their roles can vary within the space. Sometimes the “shadow Y” becomes the noumenon, creating different combinations that follow, such as “XYX” and “YXX.”