WU MEI CHI (Peggy Wu)

Wu Mei-Chi was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1989. She is an enthusiastic photographer and sophisticated graphic designer. Her photography has been widely known since her school life. In 2017, she was awarded an “outstandingalumni” acknowledgment from her alma mater, National University of Kaohsiung.

Over the past few years, Wu Mei-Chi created a series of still life images which merge various art styles and historical elements. This recent trilogy, “XXY”, “XYX”, and “YXX”, creates a distorted space against common sense by rearranging the structure of space. Using a mirror as the medium to cause variation within the forms of the original materials, the works display changes of the original objects’ physical properties, as well as their visual forms. They combine two forms of media-- paintings and photographs. First, with geometric segmentation similar to modernist sculptures, and later with highly technical color photo enlargement, a series of saturated, striking images are the end result.

Solo exhibition

2016,「XXY-物事的場所」(XXY-The Space of Things) , NEPO Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2018, 「XYX - 流動的饗宴」(XYX-A Moveable Feast), VVG Thinking 好樣思維 1F、2F , Taipei, Taiwan

Group exhibition

2017,「Summer Showcase II
   吳美琪 - XYX - A Moveable Feast
   葉樺 - Mid Air」, Aura Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2017,「VT x GUP」, Fotofever, Paris, France

2018, Daikanyama photo fair, Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan (Each Modern)

2019, Taipei Dangdai 台北當代藝術博覽會, Salon Sector 藝術沙龍區, Taipei, Taiwan (Each Modern)

2019, ONE ART TAIPEI 藝術台北, Taipei, Taiwan (Each Modern)


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