Wu MeiChi (b.1989) is a photographic artist from Tainan, Taiwan. She has been recognized for her photography since she was a student. In 2017, she received an outstanding alumni award from the National University of Kaohsiung.

Over the past few years, Wu MeiChi has created a series of still life images which merge various art styles and historical elements. This trilogy, titled “XXY”, “XYX”, and “YXX”, creates distorted spaces against common everyday items by rearranging and distorting the structure of space. Utilizing mirrors to cause variations of the original materials, the works depict the changes of the original objects’ visual forms. They combine two forms of media—painting and photography. First, with geometric segmentation similar to modernist sculptures, and later with highly technical color photo enlargement, a series of saturated, striking images are the end result.

In 2016, she held her first solo exhibition, “XXY-The Space of Things” at NEPO Gallery, Taipei. In 2017, she showed her works “XYX-A Moveable Feast” at aura gallery taipei, Taipei. Those works were also selected by Erik Vroons, editor-in-chief of GUP magazine, and were exhibited at Fotofever in Paris with VT Artsalon in the same year. In 2018, she held a solo exhibition of these same works at VVG Thinking, Taipei and showed in Daikanyama photo fair in Tokyo, Japan with Each Modern. In 2019, her latest solo show “YXX-The Flares” was held at Each Modern, Taipei. Wu MeiChi’s works were also presented during Taipei Dangdai Art Fair both in 2019 and 2020. She was also featured in SHOUT IV, the annual limited edition release by Voices of Photography magazine in 2019, and was listed among the British Journal of Photography’s Best Photobooks of 2019 by curator Daniel Boetker-Smith.

Wu MeiChi

1989 Born in Tainan,Taiwan

Graduated from National University of Kaohsiung,Taiwan

Solo Exhibition


《YXX-The Flares》,Each Modern,Taipei,Taiwan


《XYX-A Moveable Feast》,VVG Thinking,Taipei,Taiwan


《XXY-The Space of Things》,NEPO Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan

Group Exhibition


《Taipei Dangdai》Salon Sector,Nankang Exhibition Center,Taipei,Taiwan


《West Bund Art & Design》,West Bund Arts Center,Shanghai,China

《ONE ART Taipei》,The Sherwood,Taipei,Taiwan

《Taipei Dangdai》Salon Sector,Nankang Exhibition Center,Taipei,Taiwan


《Daikanyama Photo Fair》,Tokyo,Japan


《VT x GUP》,Fotofever,Paris,France

《Summer Showcase II》,aura gallery taipei,Taipei,Taiwan



《XYX-A Moveable Feast #7》,Taiwan Art Bank


《XYX-A Moveable Feast #9》,Taiwan Art Bank

《XYX-A Moveable Feast #15》,Taiwan Art Bank



《Baby’s Baby》, 2019, self-published

《Love Love Love Fetishism 》, 2019, self-published 《SHOUT IV》, 2019, Voice of Photography, Taiwan


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